The Texas State Historical Association says the title of Smallest Town in Texas by population goes to: Impact, Texas.

Just north of Abilene you'll find 47 acres and 35 people (as of 2012) that make up Impact, Texas.

Voted into Texas Incorporation in 1960, Impact had a population of 61 people by 1970. 25 people in 1992, and 39 people in the year 2000. The town got it's name from an advertising business that started there named Impact Incorporated. For many years Impact was the only wet town in the very dry county of Taylor.

The average age of residents is about 30-years-old and the average median household income is just over $50,000 dollars.

There are plenty of small towns nearby in Central Texas. Check out this video of small towns from Texas Hill Country. A few places near-by made this list.

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