Year after year it seems decorating for Christmas reaches a new level of wonderment. The Christmas spirit becomes very contagious as neighbors bond together through displays spread about throughout the neighborhood.

Photo by Elizabeth Varville

Grab your favorite Christmas music CD and a cup of hot chocolate and come with us as we take you on a three-neighborhood tour of some of Belton's magical Christmas lights.


  • 1

    Eagle Landing Subdivision

    The subdivision of Eagle Landing may be small but their Christmas spirit is not. From one end of the neighborhood to each side of the street, approximately every house is decorated in the festive colors of Christmas. The experience is definitely worth making a double take.

    Photo by Elizabeth Varville
  • 2

    Northcliffe Subdivision

    Northcliffe Subdivision celebrates each year by holding their annual Christmas Lights Contest. Eyes of the young and old will gaze in amazement as each house proves why it should be pronounced the winner. Judging will take place Sunday, Dec. 18. As you make your way through the neighbor, take notice, would you have chosen that house as your favorite as well?

    Photo by Elizabeth Varville
  • 3

    River Oaks Subdivision

    River Oak Subdivision will not disappoint the lover of Christmas lights. House after house, street after street, River Oaks dazzles every spectator with the abundance of red and green.

    Photo by Elizabeth Varville
  • 4

    Lake Road

    While traveling on Lake Road from Northcliffe to River Oaks, do not forget to look to your left so not to miss this yard's massive display.

    Photo by Elizabeth Varville