In the past, when a few of the successful "Texas" artists like Pat Green and Jack Ingram branched out and headed to Nashville, they were often accused of "Selling Out" by some of their older, die hard fans. Mike Eli of the Eli Young Band addressed this accusation in a recent interview with columnist Kelly Dearmore for the Dallas Observer.

"It's tough to explain to everyone, but it takes so much to break your songs," Eli says. "When we signed our major label deal, we started making less money at that point than we had before, because of all the obligations we had in terms of promoting the records or the singles. We also have sacrificed a great amount of time from home. We've had to take advantage of every opportunity that has come our way to break out. I think the term 'sell-out' is a bogus one. If anyone could really witness what it takes to break your songs, they would understand what a completely bogus idea that is in this day and age." 

Mike also shared his thoughts on songwriting, being on a major label and about Texas being the bands home.

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