I think this should be added to the budget for those of us who work all day in front of the computer.

I was recently in front of the top brass of my company. I asked them to cut me a check for my vacation at the end of the year, since I really can't take it since there's no one else to cover my job if I'm away. They shut me down so hard it scared the rest of employees from asking any questions. They've seed study's that an employee does better work if they take vacation. So, I'm taking the damn vacation! But, to be honest, if they want a more relaxed worker, they might want to pony up for this workstation.

It's called the Droian Workstation. It'll keep you comfortable and more productive. Who can say no to that? Yes, anyone who has to write the check. But still. If you're in line for a bonus at your work, you might want to suggest this gem.

They say it can hold up to 3 screens. I work with two. So all we need to do is hook up a microphone and a mixing board and we're good to go at the radio station.

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