You've seen the video I posted showing the snake going "cobra-style" in a bush outside my house.  Now you can see the second video that will forever haunt my dreams.  

Why anyone would ever keep a snake as a pet is beyond me.  Snakes are best viewed with an inch-thick piece of glass between us.  You can't take snakes for walks.  A snake won't curl up in your lap.  A snake won't help you pick up chicks (at least not any chicks I'd be interested in).  Why?

With that in mind, I present to you the craziest snake owner in the world.  The moment I saw this snake doing its little "trick", I knew I'd never again feel safe.  I've begun locking my doors even more vigilantly than I did before.  I've started leaving the lights on at night like I'm a 4-year old that's afraid of the boogie man.  I'm not safe.  None of us are safe, thanks to this video:


Of course, this is the video that was first etched into my brain.  It's a video I took right outside my front door.  We still haven't found the snake.  The animal control guy had no idea what kind of snake is in this video.  In other news, I have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home for sale in Temple.