The Wash Tub is a family-owned and operated car wash company that started in south Texas. KSAT12 reports that starting on August 1st, they will be providing free car washes to educators and school faculty members until the 15th.

Most of their locations are around San Antonio, but there are a handful of north locations, including Round Rock and Georgetown. For a full list of locations click here.

The full-service wash includes a complete interior vacuum, soft cloth wash, towel dry, complete wipe-down of dash and console and all windows cleaned inside and out.

All you have to do to receive this service is to provide a valid faculty ID. I stress VALID because I'm worried there are going to be some dang kids out there making fake school ID's and expecting to get a free car wash out of it. The nerve,. I'm gonna make a call to the fine folks at the wash tub and tell them to triple check ALL documents.

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