I appreciate a good practical joke as much as anyone, but what I found on the internet today, the day before Christmas, is just disturbing. It's the Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo Doll.  I'm a firm believer that we brainwash children with the toys we choose to buy them, but this one is nuts.  You really feed Baby Alive, and it really pees and poohs.  No really.  The child that gets this doll, who might just be out of the "diaper" phase herself, than has to change the doll and clean up the mess. Are kidding me!  The kids I know have to be told more than once to put their clothes up, now you want them to change diaper?  This just might be the end of humans on this planet.  Lets traumatize little girls to the point of having them ask for a tubelectomy for their 16th birthday.  OK OK, I went extreme.  But click on the picture and look at this video, after you get done laughing, and you will laugh, think about what this might do to a little girls psychy.  This is a gift best bought for teenager who's about to start dating.   Only 130 bucks.  Really people.  Just have another child and make you other kid change them.  This is the worst gift ever...well, second worst.  The worst is a doll called Bebe Gloton Breast Feeding Doll.  I have plenty to say about this doll, nothing good.  I'll just leave you with there sell line..."Because you don't have to wait until you have breasts to start breast feeding your baby."  OMG!