Are you like me, writing down all of the cool things in Central Texas to do during summer? Maybe you're not as OCD about it as I am, but this natural oasis on Lake Travis might throw you for a loop because it's not always there...

With all of the rain Texas has endured in the last few months, it might take a while to see the Sometimes Islands on Lake Travis. What's cool is you can always check out to see a live feed of the lake. So if you're considering the trip, you can save some time by checking if the islands are submerged or not.

It all depends on the water level. When the lake is low enough, the islands are exposed and you can see it connect to land. And if you want to actually stand on the Sometimes Islands, you can simply walk on over through Mansfield Dam Park - which I guess makes the islands really a peninsula more than anything.

Good day to be on lake travis. #atx #sometimesisland #laketravis

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This homemade video exploring the islands might give you a better idea what it's like. One way or another, it certainly looks beautiful, like most of our Texas lakes.

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