Need a quick update on the throw-down that is happening this Sunday aka Super Bowl XLIX? For the roman numeral challenged that's 49, not a new pop band name, I have the fun solution.

I subscribe to a daily newsletter called theSkimm that delivers hard news in a more entertaining fashion. This fun and quick read each morning often puts a smile on my face and sets the tone for my day.

Today I skimm'd during lunch, because my Friday mornings equate to most people's Monday mornings - a bit hectic. I laughed so much that I just had to share theSKIMM'S GUIDE TO THE SUPER BOWL.

That's just a taste of what's in store from theSkimms. They go on to mention the aspects surrounding the big game including the Puppy Bowl, $4.5 million commercials and half-time entertainer Katy Perry.

Have fun skimm'ing the big game, and if you feel so inclined subscribe to the daily email like I do.