You ever get to the end of a Monday feeling like work has sucked every last ounce of patience & energy, only to go home and have another full-time job and countless needy children & spouses to deal with?  Yes?  Then this video is for you.  

Every time my butt hits the couch at home I hear, "Daaadddd".  That sound means I'm about to have business to handle.  I'm going to have to break up a fight.  I'm going to have to clean up someone's mess.  I'm going to have to wipe a butt.  It's something that I'm not wanting anything to do with at that moment in time.  Sure, I could ignore them.  That's when they hunt you down.  I can be in the closet with blankets pulled up over me and they'd still find me.  Hiding only makes it worse.

When I've got a spouse, multiple kids, and co-workers all clamoring for something... I snap.  I need this video played on a loop at all times as a reminder to my kids that you don't poke the bear, and you don't rattle the cage.