Today in what I like to call #OnlyinTexas, we found a horse who has a pretty neat trick that I bet you've never seen before.

A couple from Kerens, Texas posted a video on Facebook of a horse after an electrical contractor reported to his company that he found a dead horse on their property. In response the woman took this video of their horse, "Pinto", and explained his knack for playing dead.

This was the hilarious conversation she shared on Facebook.

Electrical contractors called me - maam you've got a dead horse here in your pasture.


No I don't he plays dead all the time. Is his leg sticking straight up in the air?


Yes ma'am. I'm telling you he's dead. The leg sticking up is because rigor mortis has set in ma'am, I know horses, I own a few.


Sir, my horse ain't dead. He plays possum. But I'm coming. Give me a minute please.

The video has since gone viral with more than 32 million views and counting.

Here's another video before Pinto decided to take a 'dirt nap'.

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