We've all heard of 'photo-bombing,' the hilarious meme where unsuspecting people are photographed with strangers popping up in the background. Now, thanks to Blake Shelton, we've got 'karaoke bombing.'

Blake was serenading some friends and fans, doing a karaoke to a George Strait song at an event recently. Well, apparently The Cowboy decided that Blake needed a little help to do his song justice.  Strait walked on stage and took over the mic! And from the looks of it, Blake couldn't be happier.

Via Blake Shelton Facebook

Blake sounded pretty ecstatic about it on Facebook, too.

I was singing a George Strait song on karaoke and look who walks in to help.. Ha! Ha! #Hero

Too bad my karaoke nights never get interrupted by anybody famous. Although, with my singing, that's probably a good thing.