So Sarah Stage is almost nine months pregnant!  Who the heck is Sarah Stage?  She is a 30 year old model who does not look like she is having a baby next month. 


Of course that picture sparking controversy around the world, with most people wondering about the health of the baby.  The picture below is how she looked at 7 months so she is getting a little poochy now.



Sarah assures us, the doctor assured her, the baby is okay and right now weighs about 5 pounds.  She claims she has gained about 20 pounds since getting pregnant.  It's a boy by the way and he looks okay in there.



Sarah says she still works out and eats healthy, usually.  She tells ET she does enjoy a burger every once in a while.


By the way, Sarah has a line of maternity wear.  You can find it at  Normal sized pregnant ladies need not go there, biggest size is a 10.


I would nave never fit into those at 9 months pregnant. I had to go to the Muu Muu line of maternity wear!