I'm blasting Christmas music as I write this here post. Why? Because we got a rare snow day here in Texas.

To make this once a year, or every other year, or even every other other year (you get the idea) occasion even more special, we are fixin to have a 'snow moon'.

What's a snow moon? Good question. According to FOX7, a snow moon is a full moon in February. It gets the name because the country tends to see the heaviest snowfall in February.

The snow moon will rise in the east and reach its peak fullness at 2:34 AM Sunday. You should be able to get a great look at it a couple of hours early at 12 AM as well.

I don't know what it is about the moon that fascinates me so much.

There are so many good songs about the moon too. I have a whole playlist of moon songs.

What's your favorite moon song?

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