Is her face too pretty or is her head too big?  33 year old Laura Fernee claims she is so beautiful that nobody takes her seriously as a scientist.  Laura says her male co-workers just hit on her and didn't respect her, while her female co-workers were jealous and didn't like her.   According to Laura, her LOOKS have RUINED HER CAREER.  She is now writing a book about being too pretty to work.

Laura says, "I wanted them (male co-workers) to recognize my achievements and my professionalism but all they saw was my face and body.  Even when I was in a laboratory in scrubs with no makeup, they still [hit] on me because of my natural attractiveness."

Laura has a graduate degree in science, and had a pretty good job as a scientific researcher, but says she had to quit a few years ago because of her colleagues.

She has now decided work is not for her, Laura says her parents now pay for her rent, credit cards, designer clothes,  shoes  and handbags.

The Daily Mail