When Thomas Rhett happens to be home on a Monday night, you won't believe what he likes to watch with wife Lauren.

When Rhett finds himself with the rare weeknight at home, he gets in some quality time with his wife -- and their TV. Lauren loves ABC's 'The Bachelor' and Rhett admits he doesn't mind tuning in to watch it with her.

“So, I’ll pretend I’m into it,” he says of the show.

In truth, it's likely not that difficult for Rhett to pretend he likes the female-driving show, since he also enjoys the occasional chick flick. The 'Get Me Some of That' singer can even rattle off a few Nicholas Sparks books-turned-movies!

“Luckily, I’m a big chick flick kind of guy," the singer-songwriter confesses. "I don’t mind watchin’ Nicholas Sparks movies like 'Safe Haven' or 'The Notebook' or 'A Walk to Remember."

Lauren sure is a lucky lady -- she's got a man who not only will curl up on the couch and watch chick flicks with her, but also isn't afraid to admit he enjoys it! “It’s kinda crazy I know all these titles, but, you know, they’re, I mean, I’m a fan of those kinds of movies and so it’s really easy to kinda sit down and watch those with her," Rhett shares.

The singer missing a few episodes of 'The Bachelor' now, however, since he's currently on tour, with dates running through September. Full tour dates are available on his website.