A serious faced interviewer at the table with four adorable kids.  We've all seen them. And we all have a favorite kid.

Ad agency BBDO New York has scored another big hit with their "It's Not Complicated" series of commercials for AT&T starring some of the cutest kids being, well, kids!   But have you ever wondered whether it's scripted or are those kids just spouting off what ever comes into their little heads?    Have you ever wondered does that straight laced looking moderator ever crack a smile at just how darn cute these kids are?  You'd be surprised.

I've worked on advertising production for TV and things can move slowly on the set.  So to bring kids on set at times can be nerve wracking for them and the crew.  They don't take "Sit still and wait for your cue" very well.  Even the great W.C. Fields once said he never worked on set with animals or kids.  Most people think it's because of this ADHD hyper kid situation, but if you look at the quote deeper you'll find out that he was referring to something else.  The fact that no matter how good you are, they'll upstage you every time.

So here's a behind the scenes look at the making of this series.  I think the kids owned this set too.

As to who the cutest kid is to me, I guess it's a recent one with the little girl who's "trying to win the cutest kid award" and doesn't know about the whole grape/raisin thing.