Want to know who embodies Texas more than anything?

Sure you can throw out names of cowboys past and present, but this 105-year-old woman is the best representative in my opinion. Elizabeth Sullivan from Fort Worth threw the first pitch at the Texas Rangers game on Wednesday and she threw it overhand - something girls were not allowed to do back when she was in school, according to the pitcher.

"OK, that's cool," you say. "But there are millions of fans of Texas sports. What makes her so Texan?"

Sullivan revealed her secret to living a long life. Can you guess what it is?

Photo: Dr Pepper via Facebook

She drinks three Dr. Pepper sodas everyday. That may be a lot of sugar, but she's 105 so who can really judge?

Born in 1911, Sullivan has been a die hard fan since she retired form teaching and hasn't missed a single game in 15 years.