Romantic relationships are a special part of our lives. It takes time, but when you find the one, it's something you'll remember for the rest of your life. But romance in life is nothing to take for granted.

Yes, sometimes couples argue about things, but for the most part, there's always a way to find common ground. That's the part of relationships we dread most of the time don't we? Arguing about something that at the time might be trivial.

Sadly however, some individuals make the decision to go behind their partner's back and cheat. Unfortunately, it seems Texas is leading in infidelity, with three Texas cities landing in the top ten for being unfaithful.

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Texas Trysts Higher Than Expected

The data regarding adultery comes to us from MyDatingAdvisor. Using US Census Bureau information, the website was able to compute data for nearly 200 cities in the nation. Factors included relationship satisfaction and life satisfaction. Relationship satisfaction was made up of these categories: divorce, separation rates, and marriage.

Life satisfaction included: work environment, community, and emotional and physical well-being. With all the data put together, the results may make some Texans rather worried. Texas didn't just land one city in the top ten, three ended up on the list, back-to-back-to-back.

Data Revealing The Top Three

The top cities in the nation for unfaithfulness brought about sad news. Sitting at number one was Dallas, with Fort Worth in second, and Houston ranking third. While this is rather troubling, there is a positive to look at, with two cities in the state ranking highly on the faithful list.

On the faithful list, Laredo landed at five, while McAllen was placed at nine. But always remember Texas, relationships aren't always supposed to be easy, and there will be bumps in the road. But love transcends many things, so remember to keep a calm mind, and take problems step by step.

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