Sometimes taking a moment to breathe can help anybody potentially regain a grasp on a tough situation. So we step outside for a moment, and just reset for the moment. We might also notice how pretty Texas can be when the weather is nice.

But we might notice a certain smell or just the air might not feel right. We've all felt it right? But what if there was data that proved you weren't going crazy?

As it turns out, for some certain Texas cities, the air not smelling or feeling right could be the result of more pollution than normal.

Three Texas Cities Where We Wish We Could Clean The Air Quicker

The American Lung Association, after collecting the data, released a "State Of The Air" report. From the collected information, there are certain areas of the nation that could use some help in cleaning their air.

Three Lone Star State cities also make an appearance, and while it is a little bit alarming to see them appear, it could as serve as a warning to change course and adjust habits to improve the quality of life in Texas.

In the Top 25, the ALA reports that at number 15 was Houston, McAllen-Edinburg landed at number 21, and Laredo ended up tied at 23 with two other cities. So thankfully it was just only three, but that's three too many if you ask us!

So, let's keep that Texas air a little bit fresher, because how else will we keep enjoying all those Texas bluebonnets?

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