Here's your Thursday morning edition of PC's Viral Outbreak.  And today its from the world of SCIENCE!

Tuesday, Merriam-Webster announced their Word of the Year.  And it's . . . SCIENCE.  Searches for "science" are up 176% from 2012.  They think it's because science has been, quote, "lurking behind the headlines" this year during political debates on subjects like climate change and education.

I'll admit that science wasn't my strongest subject in school, but  being married to someone with a PhD and MD, you can bet I've heard my fair share of science talk since our wedding.  And usually that's where my attention begins to fade.  But occasionally, something is brought to my attention that is scientific and really cool.  When my wife first showed me this video, I had to play it over and over.  Enjoy today's Viral Outbreak!