It’s Ticked off Tuesday! What is making you mad this morning or any morning for that matter?  Let’s talk Pet Peeves today.  

A new survey from the Daily Mail found the 10 most common Pet Peeves in Britian may apply to the rest of us too.

1.  Telemarketers.

2.  Spam emails.

3.  Slow people in front of you in line.

4.  Rude salespeople.

5.  Tailgaters.

6.  Stepping in gum or dog poop.

7.  Getting stuck behind slow drivers.

8.  People who talk loudly on their cell phones.

9.  People who eat with their mouth open.

10.  Loud chewing.

I would like to add "People who don’t put the shopping carts in the corral".  What would you add to the list?