After watching this TikTok video over and over again, all I can do is shake my head. I will never understand what this guy is thinking, it’s probably because he wasn’t thinking, or at least not thinking about the consequences of his actions. As you will see as you scroll down on this post there is a TikTok video showing a guy on a motorcycle on the loop in Tyler, Texas sitting on the median just burning his tires. 

The video begins as the guy is burning rubber and quickly you see multiple Smith County Sheriff’s Office vehicles approach the suspect who then decides to make the situation so much worse, he decided to run from law enforcement. So, this horrible decision got a whole lot worse as he drove away toward on-coming traffic and putting lives at risk. 

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I’m Sure He Thought This Was Just Having Some Fun 

The video shows that this took place on a beautiful day in February, I can only imagine the motorcycle rider was just excited to be able to ride his bike with such nice weather. But what a horrible decision to break the law on one of the most heavily traveled roads in the city and running from the police is never a good idea. 

Not Sure if This Suspect Was Ever Caught 

The video ends before finding out if this suspect was caught by law enforcement but as you can see, they jumped in their vehicles quickly to chase him. Please learn from this guy's horrible decisions, don’t burn rubber on the loop, and especially don’t run from law enforcement.  

Here is the video so you can see for yourself. 

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