Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are one stunning couple, but it wasn't just Hill's beautiful dress that caused the 'Lookin' For That Girl' singer to take a moment during their memorable ACM performance.

The couple was generating a lot of talk after Hill surprised the crowd and appeared on stage next to her husband in a sparkling gown. It was obvious that McGraw was taken aback when he first saw his wife appear but there was more to it than just her sheer beauty.

“I looked at her like that because she stunned me when she walked out ‘cause she looked so beautiful. She didn’t let me see the dress," McGraw tells Go Country 105. "She purposefully didn’t let me see it so when she came out it threw me off guard plus I was having trouble hearing in my ears so I looked at her to sort of steady me a little bit as well.”

When the radio hosts said he should have stuck to the sweet story of Hill's beauty being the cause of his breathlessness McGraw responded, "Gotta tell the truth."

The Louisiana born singer said the whole weekend was a lot of fun despite the insanity. He's excited about starting his upcoming Sundown Heaven Town Tour that kicks off in May and will hit over 30 cities. He's also going to be seen in a new film with George Clooney called 'Tomorrowland.'

"I really can’t tell you what it’s about because it’s so far out there that I’m not even sure what it’s about."

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