Tim McGraw knows how to act. He's one of several country music stars to have turned their music career into a full-fledged entertainment career, acting in films such as 'The Blind Side,' 'Country Strong' and 'Dirty Girl,' along with all his music videos. But, there's a big difference between movies and music videos and McGraw admits that he had to learn it. 

The country crooner tells Arizona Republic, "The toughest thing when I did my first movie was that I had spent a lot of years being in music videos where you’re always looking at the camera. That’s the one thing as an actor that you don’t want to do. You can ruin a scene by looking at the camera."

He adds with a laugh, "So that was probably the toughest thing I had to do as an actor as opposed to a singer doing videos."

It makes sense, doesn't it? Almost all music videos showcase the singer, and that includes a whole lot of scenes of looking directly into the camera. But in movies, it's an entirely different perspective. The 'Two Lanes of Freedom' singer is versatile and talented enough that he learned that lesson easily, and is still looking for another perfect script.

McGraw has admitted that it's difficult to find filming time amidst his extremely busy touring schedule, and music still remains his top priority -- although he'd still love to do a NASCAR movie.

Hopefully, fans will continue to see the country star in films and music videos in the future. We know one thing for sure -- he'll be looking at the camera in music videos and not looking at the camera in movies. He's learned that lesson.