It's no surprise that Tim McGraw has a love for all things Southern -- especially the women. Being from the south is one of the things that made the singer fall in love with wife Faith Hill, and he couldn't be happier she's a 'Southern Girl.'

"Ain't nothing in the whole wild world like a Southern girl," McGraw sings in his recent hit. Clearly, these are lyrics the 46-year-old actually believes in. He's been married to his Soul2Soul partner since 1996 and finds lots of comfort in wife Hill's Southern charm.

“I think the thing about Faith that’s so southern and reminds me so much of how I grew up and how comfortable we are together, is just her genuine soul, you know, and how nice she is and caring she is about people," the star says of his wife.

Being from Louisiana, McGraw is no stranger to lots of Southern hospitality and charm. Of course, he does recognize you can find these types of people everywhere, and even says so in his song: "Now I ain't saying them L.A. ladies don't know what they're doing."

“I think that anywhere you go you can find those sort of peoples, but to me being Southern, that’s just sort of the way I remember people growing up," he adds.

Hill isn't the only Southern lady in the McGraw-Hill household. The couple is also raising three more Southern ladies -- daughters Audrey, Maggie and Grace.