Family man and country music superstar Tim McGraw is the lone guy in a house full of women, with his gorgeous wife, Faith Hill, and their three daughters. He dishes on an important lesson that his daughters have taught him.

According to Big Machine Label Group, having three daughters (teenagers Gracie and Maggie, and almost-teen Audrey) have helped the 'Truck Yeah' hitmaker learn something very important: patience. It's a virtue that takes a whole lot of practice, and McGraw has had his share of that over the years.

“I think that probably the biggest thing that I’m still always working on is having a house full of women is learning patience,” says McGraw. “I've never been a very patient person so I think either I’m getting mellower with age or they’re teaching me patience. It’s one or the other. I’m not sure which one it is. Probably a combination of both.”

The singer has always been adamant that his family comes first. It's a trait that has earned him respect throughout the country music industry, and putting his family second is certainly something McGraw does not have patience for. Even if he's not considered a cool dad by his daughters, at least he has patience, which is definitely a desirable quality.

Although McGraw may be getting a little mellower with age, he certainly is still at the top of his game within country music, as his recent single 'Highway Don't Care' recently climbed to No. 1.