Country superstar Tim McGraw returns to his roots for his new video 'Nashville Without You,' which celebrates both the legacy of country music, and the artists who make the music happen.

The track itself is a musical departure from some of the singer's recent efforts, which have either been more rock-edged ('Truck Yeah') or middle-of-the-road commercial singles like 'One of Those Nights.' By contrast, 'Nashville Without You' leans toward traditional country with its mandolin-tinged arrangement, and a lyrical tip of the hat to both the artists who came before and the ones who are keeping the country flame burning today.

"Hey blue eyes cryin' in the rain / Hey fire burning' 'round the ring / Hey crazy, you know it's true / That Nashville wouldn't be Nashville without you," McGraw sings in a performance that is more true-to-life and intimate than some of his recent, more commercial output.

The video intersperses scenes of the singer and his band working in the studio and playing in a club with shots of the Nashville skyline and landmarks like the Ryman Auditorium -- the original home of the Grand Ole Opry. Other scenes depict the thriving music scene on Broadway in the heart of Music City -- a mecca for aspiring country stars who come to test their songs and learn their craft in the clubs, honky tonks and even sidewalks that have launched so many dreams.

The overall effect is one that not only pays a proper tribute to country music itself, but also ought to please fans of both McGraw and more traditionally-skewed country music. So far there's no word on whether 'Nashville Without You' will be one of the singles from 'Two Lanes of Freedom,' McGraw's current album.