Ahh! Tim McGraw has taken over Taste of Country in celebration of his 'Sundown Heaven Town' album! Over the next two weeks, find loads of exclusive content like fun live videos, behind-the-scenes pictures, enticing interview tidbits and more. Two weeks of Tim? It's every country fan's dream.

Tim McGraw agrees that the first song on his new 'Sundown Heaven Town' album could be his theme song. The banjo-laden track evokes everything he stands for: hard work, overcoming obstacles and struggles and finding time appreciate family and friends. It takes a humble man to call a song called 'Overrated' a theme song, but the 47-year-old father of three was willing to go even further.

"I wanted to name the album that," he says with a smile. "I thought, 'What a perfect album title, Tim McGraw, 'Overrated.'"

The track is mostly about taking time to slow down and appreciate what's truly important, but it's also about working hard in between those important pauses.

"I also love the drive underneath the song which says, ‘It’s OK to fight … It’s OK to go out and try to succeed,'" he says, adding, "'It’s OK to be in the battle everyday and struggle and try to win.'"

As a father, McGraw knows it's important to teach work ethic to his three daughters. Life will pass you by if you're not fighting for success, the singer shares, "But you can’t not pay attention to the things that matter."

'Meanwhile Back at Mama's' is another song that takes time to appreciate the little joys of life. When asked how a man with an admittedly less-than-ideal childhood could relate to a story that relies on the familiar comforts of home, McGraw had the perfect answer.

“Either you have a memory or a connection to that bucolic, sort of idealized childhood, or home that you grew up in or you wanna have it,” he says.

Find out which songs on 'Sundown Heaven Town' are his wife and kids' favorites -- "If it doesn’t say One Direction on it, I don’t know if they’d listen to it,” McGraw jokes of Audrey, Gracie and Maggie's interests -- and learn which cross fit exercise makes him cringe every time.

Part 2 of the Tim McGraw 'Sundown Heaven Town' interview will be published on Thursday, and in it, the singer will reveal which song on the new album is the most important for fans to hear.

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