Before Tim McGraw was one of the biggest country music stars in the world, he was just another kid in a Start, La. school -- a kid who got into a bit of trouble sometimes, and as a result, was actually paddled in school.

The 'Highway Don't Care' singer tells People, "I grew up in Louisiana, so I got paddled a little bit. Plus, the disciplinarian at our school was the vice principal, and he was also the coach and he was my best friend's dad."

McGraw's close connection to the school's disciplinarian didn't actually work in his favor -- instead, it possibly gave him a few extra swats on the backside. But don't think for a minute that this was unbeknownst to the singer's mom. "He had complete permission to paddle me anytime he needed to from my mom," McGraw adds with a laugh. Sounds like he was quite a handful both at school and at home.

Times have certainly changed -- both school discipline and McGraw have both evolved over the years. You don't hear about 'paddling' in schools anymore, and the 46-year-old singer has grown from being a mischievous school boy to a husband of Faith Hill, father of three daughters and star with a thriving career.