Tim McGraw's 'Sundown Heaven Town' album will be available on Tuesday (Sept. 16), a fact readers of Taste of Country will hardly miss. The singer has taken over the No. 1 country music news site on the web, agreeing to roll out exclusive interviews and content each day over the next two weeks.

Beginning with an exclusive flyaway to the Taste of Country Music Festival, fans can learn all about the new album and what went into its recording. The ToC staff has had several opportunities to talk to the superstar and 2015 Taste of Country Music Festival headliner, and it's clear he believes 'Sundown Heaven Town' is amongst his finest efforts.

Look for behind-the-scenes videos and exclusive shots from the 2014 Sundown Heaven Town Tour, in addition to interview snippets and exclusive photos of the man hard at work.

'Sundown Heaven Town' is McGraw's 13th studio album, featuring the hit song 'Meanwhile Back at Mama's,' as well as the current single, 'Shotgun Rider.' The deluxe version features a collaboration with Kid Rock, an artist the 'Highway Don't Care' singer admits he has great respect for.

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