If you need more reason to enter the Tim McGraw Flyaway Contest (and why would you) how about the chance to hear a favorite song live and in-person!

I remember when I first heard the little kids singing at the end of Last Dollar(Fly Away).   It was so cute!

Tim’s kids, Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey, were pretty young when the song was recorded in 2007, the girls will be 16, 15, and 12 this year.  Check them out at the end, they could be down right SASSY!

Now for some back ground on the song , According to my trusty WikipediaLast Dollar (Fly Away) was written by Big Kenny, now one half of  Big & Rich.  Big Kenny, wrote  Last Dollar after a disastrous night of gambling in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve in 2002.  Big Kenny had $200 to his name and $140,000 in credit card debt, so he went to the blackjack tables, hoping for a payoff. Bad move, eventually, he lost all but $21. He gave the dealer a $20 tip, leaving Kenny with literally his last dollar. "That night as I looked down at the sole breaking off of my shoe it hit me like a ton of bricks," Kenny said. "But with that realization came the freedom of knowing that I also had nothing to lose."

From that point, Kenny's career took off, both as a songwriter and as part of the duo Big & Rich. Several years after the incident, he played some of his songs for Tim McGraw. The second song he played was Last Dollar.  Kenny says, "He looked over at me and said, "Are you gonna let me record that?"

McGraw's daughters, Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey, sing on the song's final chorus, along with [co-producer] Byron Gallimore's girls.

When Big Kenny heard McGraw's final version, with the children joining in at the end, "I nearly lost it," he said. "That moment of reflection in Las Vegas all that time ago gave me the hope to keep going and now five years later, that hope is a hit song for my friend Tim McGraw."

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