Tim Tebow was headed through Central Texas on Thursday making his way from Waco to Gatesville to pay a visit to a high-security prison unit. He posted the photo above on his Twitter feed after the visit.

So grateful to spend time with my new brothers in Christ at Alfred Hughes Unit and encouraging them in the hope that Jesus brings!

The former Heisman winner seemed right at home as he spent about five hours at the prison after being invited by the father of an inmate whose son was being held in the prison. Tebow arrived around 10:30 a.m. yesterday with a couple of friends from Waco and an escort of prison officials.

The two individuals who accompanied Tebow to the prison from Waco were Suzanne and Terry McDonald. They work with a prison ministry called Discipleship Unlimited. It's this organization that does all the leg work to allow special visits like this one with celebrities like Tebow and the inmates in Gatesville.

Tebow visited with prisoners who are not allowed in group settings first, then spent an hour in the commons area with five other inmates. Before leaving Tebow addressed a group of 250 min offering an inspirational message.

Suzanne McDonald told News 10, "He was just telling them that he was there because he loves them and they have a purpose and they can fulfill that purpose even where they are. And he told them God loves them and there is nothing they could have done that would interfere with that love."

Tebow exited the prison in Gatesville around 3:30 p.m. Duck Dynasty star Jep Robertson drove up from Austin to tag-team the appearance with Tebow.

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