We've seen them everywhere, on posts along the street, on bulletin boards in coffee shops and restaurants, those flyers that offer solutions to all of man's woes, just tear off one of the number tabs at the bottom and after you call it your life will be vastly improved.

This time it wasn't for financial advice, marital advice, dating strategies, weight gain supplements, weight loss programs, free cures for COVID-19, or even how to play a banjo to win friends and woo women. This time it was for the birds.

No, it really was For The Birds. Specifically, the birds who were tired of being treated like a bird-brained, good for nothing fowl and wanted to improve their lot in life. Whoever did this made sure to leave the flyer close to the ground where the world-weary pigeons could easily snatch up a number to call. The artful prankster then stayed long enough to video the avian reaction and share it with the world via the modern marvel of social media.

Not sure who posted it but it appears to have taken place on a pole somewhere in San Francisco. From the way the birds were snatching up those phone numbers it appears it was about time someone reached out to help.

All of this begs the question, where do birds keep their cell phones when they fly?

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