Living a healthy lifestyle is not easy, but one method I keep hearing about seems to help streamline the process, juicing.

I don't mean steroids, I mean literally piling fruit and veggies into a powerful blender and turning them into juice. I've got a few sets of friends that love making their juice, which may actually be a smoothie, in the morning and they claim it helps balance their diet.

I turned to Dr. Oz for more information, and discovered on his site that juicing can be a fast way to get more nutrients from fruits and veggies in your diet. In an article titled 'The Healing Properties of Juicing' he reminds consumers that it's important to only make as much juice as you can drink at one time, because bacteria can form in the juice.

He also makes it clear how important it is to wash the fruits and veggies before combining them. No one wants to get sick while trying to live healthier. I've been looking at different recipes, and planning a shopping trip to the store.

I'll get back to you on which recipes I decide to try!