The "Come and Take It" Cannon in Gonzales, Texas celebrates its 182nd Anniversary on March 2nd! This 4 lbs Cannon was loaned to Texas colonists by the Mexican government in 1831. In 1835 Mexico asked that the cannon be returned. This sparked the famous "Come and Take It" skirmish in Gonzales as colonists painted those words on a flag that flew over their town on this day, October 2nd, 1835.

The Cannon was loaned to the settlement of Gonzales in the Dewitt Colony, for use in defense against the Apache Indians. The fight for this cast iron gun was between a group of about 100 Mexican soldiers and the people of Gonzales.

The battle for the "Come and Take It" cannon ended in a retreat by the soldiers of Mexico's army. The victory for the colonists not only signaled a clear break between the Texas colonists and the Mexican government but is considered one of the early steps in the fight for Texas independence. A replica of the "Come and Take It" flag can be found at several places in Texas including the state capital building.

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