The staff at Maxdale Cemetery in Killeen spent the weekend placing flags for Memorial Day when they noticed a tombstone from the late 1800's had been stolen from the cemetery.

KWTX reports that it is not the first time vandals have damaged something on the cemetery grounds. According to the staff at Maxdale, this is the 4th tombstone in the last 4 years to go missing from the cemetery. Several other headstones have been knocked over or vandalized in other ways.

According to News 10, the President of the Maxdale Cemetery Association says the tombstone that went missing this weekend isn't the kind of thing someone can just pick up and walk off with. They had to have had some help.

The cemetery is hoping that whoever took the headstone will think of the family and return the missing marker to the cemetery. A report has been filed with the Bell County Sherriff's office and extra security will now patrol the area.

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