Get ready to be amazed at this Cheap Solution for Cleaning Headlights!

I was getting ready to pay 250 dollars to have the yellowed headlights cleaned on my son’s Toyota and my husband’s Honda,  but I am basically cheap.

Before the Toothpaste treatment

So I went on the trusty internet to find some Headlight Cleaning Specials and found the toothpaste solution instead.

This is all you need to clean those headlights

Basically you squirt toothpaste on the headlight and rub it in.  It doesn’t take long at all.  I thought I would be there for at least  30 minutes, rubbing and rubbing!

Wrong.  It took about a minute to rub the stuff on the headlight and another minute to rinse and VOILA, a nice shiny bright headlight. Watch!

I don’t know who thought to use toothpaste to clean headlights, but thank you very much.  It cost me nothing to get shiny lights.  (I used the toothpaste the dentist gives you after a cleaning).  Toothpaste, a bucket of water and some old rags, that is all you need.

Headlight after it was cleaned with toothpaste

250 bucks saved, now off to the Big Box Store!