With the 27th Bell County PRCA Rodeo coming up February 6th, 7th and 8th at the Bell County Expo Center, now's the perfect time to think about all the things that draw us to the official sport of Texas!

Here are the top 5 things that get our hearts racing when we think about all the action!

5 - The Music

That should be obvious, right? Nothing compares to that moment when you walk into the Bell County Expo arena and hear your favorite rodeo song booming from overhead. It's enough to send chills down your spine in anticipation of what promises to be an incredible show.

And, of course, every Texan's heart swells with pride when they play the classics!

4 - The Smell of the Dirt

They say smell is the most powerful trigger of our memories, and anyone who's been to a few rodeos will tell you it's true. The moment you walk through those doors and catch the scent of that special dirt, you're instantly taken back to your fondest rodeo memories: Your first time mutton bustin'; the thrill of watching your first bull ride; the rush of every narrow escape by a brave cowboy.

Take one deep breath at the PRCA rodeo and it'll all come back to you!

3 - The Tradition

A great rodeo is like a portrait of the proud past of the West. What started out as cowboys and vaqueros showing off their skills for bragging rights has become a cherished tradition that resonates with every Texan. When you cheer on those cowboys and cowgirls, you help uphold that tradition and reconnect with the spirit of hard work and bravery that made our state a great place to call home.

Boyd Polhamus, this year's announcer at the Bell County PRCA Rodeo, is a 4-year recipient of the "Announcer of the Year" award and an 18-time National Finals Rodeo announcer, so you know the tradition is in good hands!

4 - The Clowns

These guys are fun to watch, but they aren't messing around. The clown's job is to make sure riders don't get torn up, and rodeo fans know to expect lots of thrilling close calls when those guys get to work. This year's PRCA Rodeo will feature Justin Rumford, 2012's PRCA Clown of the Year and 2013's Barrelman of the year.

Wonder if he has ninja skills like these!

5 - The Adrenaline Rush

Reasons 1 through 4 combined make a rodeo the most heart-racing sport to witness live. Every competition requires skill, determination and the guts to put everything on the line. No other sport combines athleticism, pageantry and majesty quite like a rodeo.

Especially a Bell County Rodeo!

This year's rodeo features powerful bucking stock from Andrews Rodeo Company, best known for their famous bucking horse, "PTSD Power Play".

Tittle sponsors include Bud Light, American Legion Post 133, Dodge Country in Killeen and Ram Rodeo.

Tickets are available at TexasBoxOffice.com, Bell County Expo Center, and select HEB stores including the location on 31st street in Temple. You can also call (512) 477-6060.

Thursday night is military appreciation night, and free tickets for military personnel will be available at Dodge Country in Killeen on Saturday, January 25 and February 1.

Individual tickets are available, along with Family 4-packs (Reserved $48, General Admission $40).

See y'all there!