Bloomin Fest 2015 is less than two weeks away. Here are the top 5 things you can do if you don't go to the biggest party of the Spring.

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Number 5 - Fix that "Sons of Anarchy" Lamp. The show is over, they're no longer in distress so you don't need the Reaper upside down any longer.

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Number 4 - Finally learn to play your Paper Jam Guitar. If only you had batteries.

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Number 3 - Continue your search for a broken ruler. They all can't be the same.

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Number 2 - Mess with the Thermostat so everyone gets cold. That way you can use the joke.."Cold? You need to eat more cookie dough." That way you don't feel so bad when you're eating cookie dough on the weekends.

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Number 1 - Trying to add yourself as the 5th Beatle.

These are all great idea's, and must be done at some point in your life, but they will not be as much fun as Bloomin Fest.

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- Two Live Stages with top acts in both Tejano and Country,

- Carnival

- Great Vendors from all over Texas

- Food & Drinks

- And best of all...A great memory for the entire family.

May 15th & 16th in Downtown Temple, it's Bloomin Fest 2015.