Bigfoot sightings have been big around the world since the dawn of civilization. Who knows who the first drunk camper was to stumble off the trail and mistake a shadowy patch of tree for a 10-foot-tall half-man-half-???? creature, but we salute them, whoever they may be.

Since then, thousands of people, from hikers to amateur monster hunters to even 'legitimate' scientists have attempted to capture the elusive Sasquatch on camera. And yeah, pretty much all of them have failed, spectacularly. Here's our round-up of the Top Five Bigfoot Videos on YouTube, in ascension from worst to...most worst, we guess?



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    "100 Percent Real"

    In case you are wondering, yes, apparently this video is "100 percent real" and not, say, just some crazy video of a dude wearing a terrible ape suit rummaging through people's trash.


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    Police In Georgia See Bigfoot

    This isn't a deleted scene from 'Reno 911'.  That's a police officer and city worker in Georgia chasing down a Bigfoot they spotted on their dashboard cam. Remember folks, 'experts' have examined this and believe it is 'likely a real Bigfoot.'

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    'Filmed with a high quality potatoe'

    We're just going to let this YouTube comment about this video from Slovenia speak for itself.

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    Blair Bigfoot Project

    If you want to watch five minutes of two boys in Russia, running around in the freezing snow, yelling at each other in Russian, then this is the video for you. "In Russia, Bigfoot films shaky, unwatchable video of you!" says Yakoff Smirnoff.

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    Everything Is Big In Texas, Even Our Bigfoot Sightings

    According to the Sasquatch Genome Project's Dr. Melba Ketchum, this collection of videos is conclusive proof that Bigfoot does in fact exist.  And she is a doctor. So, I guess we'll shut it down now and all head home now, thanks Dr. Ketchum!