No. Don't do it. Don't dress up, or dress your child up, like Harley Quinn.


If you do, don't call it Harley Quinn, just say your a stripper prostitute. Here are a few "safer" choices that won't have you caught up in a prostitution sting.

  • Glow Stick Figure

    Instead of starving yourself so you look like a stick figure, order this costume. You'll look like a stick figure, but you'll be able to eat all the candy you like. Just make sure no one with a dog yells "fetch" around you.

  • Neon Guy Fawkes

  • Lost Puppy

    Almost everybody loves pets. This costume pleases everyone, even those who don't like pets. Show up with a lost dog sign, then walk away showing everyone that you sat on your dog. Dog lovers will think it's cute, while dog haters will laugh because they could care less about the poor dog.

  • Monk

    This is my favorite. It gives you so many options. You can get some friends in the same outfit and sing creepy church songs. Or, it also gives you the option of just hiding from everyone at the party. Just carry a sign saying "Vow of Silence" and you won't have to speak to anyone all night. Now that's a perfect Halloween.

  • Headless Kid

    This one is fun for the child, but it's a little more fun for the parents. You'll have to set this up a few weeks before Halloween. Tell everyone how horrible your kid is acting, and if he doesn't start behaving you'll have no choice but to cut off his head. Then drag this thing out at night. It'll be a success if the police are called.

  • Donald Trump

    The perfect disguise if you hate Halloween. Just put this mask on and suddenly you've got carte blanch to be a ignorant, out-of-touch, spoiled, racist idiot. Don't be shocked if everyone seems to love you. Just keep dishing out the back-handed compliments. Oh, and remember to build a wall of chips and salsa, and make someone else pay for it.

  • Bantha Rider Pet

  • PB & Jelly

    For those of you who are "couples" and want everyone to know that you are, try this corny idea.

    Make sure you discuss it over wine the night before so you don't get into a fight on Halloween saying..."his fat ass wanted to be peanut butter when it's obvious to everyone, except his Mother, that's he's jelly."

    "She just wants to be peanut butter so the dog will pay attention to her..."

    On second thought, this sounds like it would be fun to watch. Nevermind. Don't talk about it before hand. Every thing's fine. You're a darling couple.

  • Plug It

    For the more secure couples, you might want to go for this outfit combo. Pretty much tells everyone what's going to happen after you get enough Snickers bars.

    P.S. If you buy this for a Mother/Son party you need to seek professional help right away.