It's a traffic jam this week at the top of the chart as Kyle Park, Josh Abbott, Cody Johnson and Will Hoge all have their sights set on No.1, but there's only room for one No.1. Who lands it? Let’s find out.

10. Song on the Radio -- No Justice

9. Hasn't Everyone -- John Slaughter

8. Songs About Trucks -- Will Hoge

7. Fit for the King -- Kyle Park 

6. Stolen Cash -- Mark McKinney

5. The Last Goodbye -- Reckless Kelly 

4. It Ain't Love -- Green River Ordinance 

3. She Will Be Free -- Josh Abbott Band

2. Strong -- Will Hoge

1. Ride With Me -- Cody Johnson Band

Congrats to Cody Johnson and the Rockin' CJB on their second straight week on top. Be sure to like Radio Texas, LIVE! on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, to stay up with everything going on in the Texas and Red Dirt scene. Give the complete list of the Top 100 songs in Texas a look, here.