Tornados and devastating storms have caused massive amounts of damage and destruction in Temple, Texas and the surrounding areas. The City of Temple has issued a Disaster Declaration. Thousands are currently without power. Cars were overturned. Powerlines destroyed. Buildings toppled.

However, as bad and as devastating as the storms were, the amount of injuries were at a minimum (roughly 30 injuries have been reported thus far) and at this time no deaths are being reported due to the storm. So, as bad as things were, they certainly could have been worse.

Police and City Officials are urging residents to stay home unless they absolutely have to get out. The Temple Police Department says that not only are numerous roadways blocked due to debris and flooding, but some people are visiting damaged area and are unintentionally impeding first responders from doing their job. Plus, if you get into an accident or stuck in flood waters, first responders may not be able to get to you in a timely fashion because they're busy with recovery efforts in storm damaged areas.


Officials say that since there don't appear to be any deaths or life threatening situations, they are moving from 'life saving mode' to 'recovery mode'.

Downed trees can be reported to the City by calling (254) 298-5682. A shelter has been opened for those in need at the Wilson Recreation Center, located at 2205 Curtis B. Elliott Drive. Residents who need transportation may call (254) 298-5682.

If you experienced damage and need assistance, the City of Temple has established a Task Force to help those in need. You can find more details about getting task force assistance here.

To share damage reports from your area, message us using our station app. We'll share this information with our audience to keep the community informed.

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