Tracy Lawrence spilled the beans about his iPod playlist at the 2015 Taste of Country Music Festival, and there's at least modern artist on there who may surprise fans ...

"Oh man. I listen to everything from Lady Gaga to Lady Antebellum," the icon shares, adding, "I've got Frank Sinatra. I've got old stuff, new stuff. Iggy Azalea. I've got everything."

As far as the strangest song Lawrence has ever covered? "I got an opportunity to be on a tribute to the Rolling Stones in the late '90s and did a rockin' version of 'Paint It Black' — that's probably the biggest stretch of anything that I've personally done," he says. "I listen to a lot of different kinds of music, but I understand where my parameters are."

The "Blacktop" singer also chatted about his new syndicated radio show Honky Tonkin' With Tracy Lawrence and what he's learned since being on the other side of the microphone.

"I went to college and studied Mass Comm years ago before I came to Nashville and it's been good to get back to it," he says.

"There's a lot of stuff that I'm planning on my show that you really don't hear very much on radio anymore. Some things that are inspiring to me," Lawrence explains. "That's one of the things I wanted to do — a lot of heavily-influenced '80s music — things that were going on when I was a kid in high school, when I was starting to play music in the clubs, all the way up through some of the more contemporary artists. Some of the stuff that is kind of keeping that theme alive of honky-tonk and classic country music."

When asked if he has a wild memory from festivals of the past, Lawrence kept his answer rather tame. "I've played all these big festivals all over the country, from Jamboree in the Hills to Country Thunder to these things up here," he shares, referencing ToC Festival. "Some of my best runnin' buddies back in the day, guys like McGraw, we used to hang out together a lot. I just passed him on the way in, so we're going to get to visit today."

Little did fans know, McGraw would join Lawrence on stage a few hours later to sing "Find Out Who Your Friends Are."

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