Heads Up! Traffic lights have activated at I-35 and West Adams/Airport in Temple.

We heard from TxDOT that the lights should be operating normally by 2 pm on Friday afternoon. We thought we would try to take the cameras over in the video above and help spread the word about the change to the traffic flow in a pretty busy part of town.

Temple Road Map Googlemaps - New Traffic Lights

Please be careful when heading through the new traffic lights. Not long ago, we all waited through those light cycles. Then the expansion came and we've kind of all been re-trained that the East/West traffic does not stop going over the Interstate. Now it does. Again.

What we saw on Friday afternoon was all 4 lights blinking red. Two 4-way stops on either side of I-35. This was causing some traffic to back up quickly as folks left work early Friday from downtown Temple heading for I-35.

Once the lights begin to cycle, traffic will probably move at a much better clip. I don't know if the blinking red is an introductory setting to get everyone's attention or not. If it is that is genius.