I don't know how you parents did it prior to the arrival of technology.  How did you keep your child entertained when you brought them to work?  Not bringing some sort of technology to hook up to Netflix is generally good for a significant spike in my blood pressure.  

Logan is doing a good job keeping himself occupied. Photo by Jamie Garrett

I've got a really cool boss, as well as co-workers that generally act (maybe pretend) like they are happy to see my kids.  That makes it easy if I have to bring one of the boys to work.  For those of you out there that are actually responsible for REAL work, I don't know how you do it.  I'm just a radio DJ, so what's the worse that could happen if I turn my back?  Ohhh, yes.  The radio station could go off the air if the boys hit one of those pretty, glowing green buttons on the studio control board.  I hasn't happened... yet.  Usually all I have to do is give them a pair of headphones and a microphone and they can entertain themselves for hours.

Logan doesn't even care that dad's on the radio... there are cartoons to watch. Photo by Jamie Garrett

If I bring a family member to work, it's usually my Thunder Buddy, Lexi.  The family dog is terrified of storms, and if she's left alone with a thunder clap within 200 miles we can come home expecting damage to be done.  She listens much better than the boys when she comes to work.  She'll just sit there silently (aside from an occasional jingle of the collar), whereas the boys want to ask questions and beg for a snack & soda out of the vending machine.

Today I've been blessed.  I agreed to bring Logan to work to make up for him getting the short end of the stick.  The whole family (minus the dog) were planning on going out on the Party Pontoon Sunday, but Logan's tee-ball team kept winning in their tournament.  As a result of winning the championship, he missed out on a trip out on the boat.  Since his brother got to go on the boat I told Logan I'd bring him with me to work for a few hours.  Luckily, his mom let him bring her iPad.  It's like night and day.  Aside from hearing him recount the funny thing he just saw on his cartoon every now and again, he's been my little angel today.  Don't be fooled.  He could transform at any moment back to DANGER BABY!!