A San Antonio tow truck driver was watching the news reports about the 50 immigrants found in the refrigeration truck. He was the people had been given water but no food.

Armando Colunga bought $50 worth of pizza to help try to give the people something to eat. Firefighters at the scene thanked him as he showed up with 7 pepperoni pizzas to share. Colunga said he decided to act because he says he knew the people are only here to try and achieve a better life. He hoped his offer would help others who express anti-immigrant sentiment.

Coming into the country illegally is never ok. If some of the individuals get turned back it is understandable. Colunga did a kindness to all of them anyway. We share this story not to start an argument about immigration, but in a small way, to say thank you to people like Armando who don't simply sit back and watch. He did what he could to help and let the authorities deal with the legality of the situation themselves.


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