We all dislike it when insects find their way into our homes. It always happens when we least expect it to doesn't it? There's always that initial groan when we see a bug in our house and we have to somehow get it out of the building.

But what happens when the bug is in our beds? Yes, if you didn't know, bed bugs are a thing, and they are certainly not fun to see or deal with. Yes, they even visit the Lone Star State, as much as we would wish they never showed up.

Sadly, it looks like for two cities in our great state, bed bugs are prevalent, and way more than expected.

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Bed Bugs In Texas? Where Are They?!?

Well, to find out where bed bugs seem to congregate, we turn to none other than Orkin for the data. According to their website, data collected from the treatments they did the previous year showed where the most were found. So it's time for the moment of truth, which Texas cities hold the distinction for the most bed bugs?

Well if you live Dallas or Houston, we're sorry to report that you're in the top 50. At 17th, Dallas landed on the list, while Houston was placed at 44th on the list. So thankfully only two were on the list, but that's still two too many.

So let this be a warning to all of us, go ahead and try to avoid having bed bugs in your house by any means necessary!

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