Florida Georgia Line singer Tyler Hubbard recently returned to the tattooist's chair, and the results are gorgeous — and jaw-droppingly elaborate. The singer showed off his new ink on social media on Tuesday (Sept. 29), giving fans a look at a detailed half-sleeve on his upper left arm that depicts a close-up portrait of a lion's face. Underneath the lion is what appears to be an owl in flight, swooping down in pursuit of its prey.

It's not the first time Hubbard has paid homage to majestic wild animals by memorializing them in tattoo form. In fact, on the lower half of the same arm now sporting a lion, the singer has an equally breathtaking tattoo of an elephant that he was inspired to get after a trip to Africa with his wife, Hayley.

After getting his elephant tattoo, Hubbard reflected that the animals of the African safari mean much more to him than just cool tattoo subjects.

"It's all a big circle and everything works together, so when we start taking things for granted, even, like, the trees and the animals and stuff like that, you know, it starts to affect our world," he explained to PopCulture in 2018. "I've just learned a lot; traveling and being on safari over the past few years has just been pretty eye-opening. It's just a little reminder of a lot of things, but we also just, as simple as can be, we just love elephants and everything that they represent."

Fresh ink aside, it's been a life-changing couple of weeks for Hubbard on a personal level. The singer and his wife welcomed their third child, son Atlas Roy, on Sept. 24. The thought process behind picking little Atlas' name also traces back to the Hubbards' love of travel.

"Atlas stands for strength," the couple told People following their son's birth. "For us, this name also represents our family's passion for travel and experiencing different cultures."

The baby's middle name has special significance, too. "Roy was the name of my dad, who passed when I was 20. Getting to name our son after him is so special to us. Atlas will carry on my dad's legacy and will always be a reminder of how well he loved everyone," the singer explains.

But the correlations between Hubbard's tattoos and his son's arrival don't stop there: Back in March, during a trip to Africa, the couple held a unique gender reveal ceremony at an elephant orphan and rehabilitation ceremony. An elephant wearing a blue scarf officially announced to the family and onlookers that they were expecting a baby boy.

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